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About Cheri Anderson

Cheri works in photography, theater, film and video in various capacities.
Her strengths are:

  • Creating the ideal space for the Director's vision to be realized by understanding the desires of the Client and the Director
  • Working with the Photographer or Director of Photography to create a well composed image using her great eye for composition and detail
  • Collaborating with both Artists and Technicians
  • Finding the right options/alternatives
  • Creating a calm demeanor (via her preparation and her love of being on set)

Commercials and Industrials
Cheri has the management skills to :

  • Develop a budget and deliver to that budget
  • Hire the right people in art roles
  • Provide drawings and mock ups of large scale sets
  • Effectively communicate them with your Client
  • Manage the logistics required to deliver

Cheri loves assisting Photographers in capturing the perfect moment in time. She enjoys collaboration. As a Stylist she has contributed to fashion, editorial and table top shoots. Her ability to understand the desires of the Director and bring appropriate options to the shoot allow for the perfect combination of décor, props, and wardrobe.

Feature work
She has designed horror movies, thrillers, a 60’s- based period piece, a rock band “road” film, and fantasy and reality based films. Cheri says “I love the energy of filmmaking and the immense amounts of technical and creative talent coming together to produce a work of art.”

Happiness... it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
-Vincent Van Gogh


A lifelong Minneapolis resident she is proud to say that both her mother and grandmother were born here as well. Cheri appreciates the vibrant urban life in Minneapolis. While she is happy to call Minneapolis home, her travel for work and pleasure is a major factor in bringing vibrant multi-cultural and ethnic influences to her projects. The ruins and the jungles of Mexico, the artic wild of the North, the urban life in Toronto, the Cuban antique dealers in Florida, the vibrancy and diversity of New York are all influences. After Minneapolis her favorite city, thus far, is New Orleans.

Cheri’s calling to the arts is expressed in various ways. She is a visual artist with an interest in creating multi dimensional work that explores the concept of transition. She is intrigued by transitions, transformations, mutations and the like. Her work has been shown in various venues since 1993. She has curated and served as a juror for visual arts competitions.


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