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About the Company «
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About the Company

Nails and Silk specializes in the visual. Nails build foundation; silk breathes life via color and texture. We bring you a fabulous team of art professionals, while maximizing your budget. Professionals in Set Décor, Props, and Construction as well as Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup are available to provide a professional look for your piece.

We are business professionals as well as artists. Project Management is provided by a professional with experience in the business world (at a Fortune 100 company managing a department of 30 people with an annual budget of 3 million dollars).

The work on any piece begins with discussion and research. We enjoy this preplanning step – we provide pictures, drawings, fabric, color and paint and other needed texture samples to illustrate the direction we see the work going.

This early discussion allows everyone (Director, DP or Photographer, and others) a chance to express their thoughts and help everyone focus their creativity on the same page.

On the shoot day you’ll find all of the discussed choices in place and ready, with additional options standing by.

Inspired by everyday life…
the beautiful and the base,
the urban and the natural,
the vibrant new and the rich patina of age.
We strive to communicate the essence of your message
via your choice of visual media.

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.  - Andy Warhol

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